ROTATRONIC® Control, Smart Filter Cleaning Technology for minimal energy cost and long filter cartridge life cleans a filter element as often as necessary and as seldom as possible.

Filtration Efficiency Cartridge Design

Filtration efficiency with lasting performance of filter media by proper choice of filter materials for surface filtration of difficult dusts.

Explosion Protection

Explosion protection of dusts and hybrids to fit process hazard analysis. Best practice implementation in process location considering dust toxicity.

Perfection in Dedusting Valuable Material Processes

Dedusting valuable material processes by filtration function design of filter media, cleaning and cleaning control for a steady, predictable performance.

Precise & Reliable Containment

Precise & Reliable risk-based containment for Occupational Hygiene in OSD manufacture and matching solutions to ECHA containment requirements


Advanced Cleaning Mechanism by rotating nozzles. Filter cleaning mechanics for a stable and steady filter system performance to yield longest cartridge life.

Economic containment configurations

Economic containment configurations for a precise and reliable risk-based containment delivering on-target operation fit for ICH Q9 operating qualification

Fast Paced Project Management

Fast paced project management to deliver functional process on time and on spec by proficient support, focused sourcing and preferred implementation.

Provisions for Constructive Explosion Protection

Explosion protection provisions including all combinations of venting, decoupling and suppression in addition to pressure resistant deduster builts.

Flexible Space Utilization

Flexible space utilization and low height by configurable modularity or scalability of primary stage filters, optional separation of secondary stage.

After Sales Service

After Sales Service for your TRM Filter dedusting systems: On Site maintenance, fast unscheduled repairs and swift spares’ supplies wherever you need us.

Complete Project Handling

Complete Project Handling from dedusting process layout & safety design through P&ID and Isometric Planning to installation and on-site commissioning.