Advanced cleaning - uvodna slika

Advanced Cleaning Mechanism, our proprietary ROTATRONIC® Mechanics

Filter cleaning effectiveness is essential to a long life of filter elements as well as to a stable and steady filter system performance. With difficult dust the tasks of mobilizing the dust and expelling it back to the raw gas side constitutes a challenge. Directing the mobilized dust towards dust collection and away from the filter surface is a second critical part to an efficient cleaning recovery. With our ROTATRONIC® Mechanics we achieve lowest energy cost and longest filter cartridge operating life.

Outstanding Filter Regeneration

Efficient dust mobilization from the filter media surface occurs when the rotating nozzle of ROTATRONIC® Mechanics circles around the inner surface of filter cartridges. The air stream is expelled directly onto the filter media from a short distance and all along the cartridge to its front end. The air pulse can be fine-tuned to a comparatively lower air pressure. The overall cleaning cycle is accelerated.

Comprehensive Dust Removal

Comprehensive dust removal to deposition is facilitated by guiding structures on the filter‘s raw gas side. These direct the mobilized loaded air stream towards deposition and away from other filter elements.

Continuous Air Flow

Non-interrupted filter system operation is ensured, as only the respective cartridge in cleaning is separated from the clean gas side by a closing flap during the cleaning. All other filter cartridges remain operational.

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