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Flexible Space Utilization

Dust collector space requirements nearly always pose critical challenges to plant lay-out. It is rarely about the volumetric sizing. Much rather upon placing equipment into or adjacent to regulated areas in pharmaceutical plant, it is the operating life cycle cost of placing dedusting units there. TRM Filter has a multi-layered strategy to adapt to the constraints you communicate to us.


Modular ECB dust collectors allow the trade off between height and width. For installation into limited accessibility plant, modules can be easily reassembled from pillar units.

Space Flexibility

Scalable dust collectors number-up filter cartridges in parallel vertical arrays. For installation into limited accessibility plant, ECV and ECS dust collectors can be easily vertically dis- and reassembled. Mobile ECM - 6 and ECH dust collectors are designed for a height limited to 2,1 m to allow movement through clean room doors.

Wall & Corner Placeable

Wall- and corner placeable dust collector design requires access to only two sides of our dust collectors.

Height Adaptation

Height adaptation by selecting between dust collector options on this objective.

Functional Outplacement

Independent position of fan and secondary filter. Exception: no volumetric gain with ECH product line.

Perfection in dedusting in regulated, high cost plant locations as well as in revamp or retrofit applications calls for an evaluation of space utilization and lowest lifecycle cost options. With your lay-out and input, we work plenty of alternatives for you. Are you ready to investigate the options?