ECB - product photo
  • Air flow

    2.500 – 25.000 m3/h
  • Pressure

    -50 – +200 kPa
  • Ex Protection

    0 – 4 *
  • Containment

    1 – 4 OEB

* 1 - MIE>3 mJ / 2 - St1@MIE>3 mJ / 3 - St2@MIE<3 mJ / 4 - Hybrid mixtures

The ECB dust collector handles difficult dust and demanding requirements

Whether dusts are sticky, hygroscopic, moist, agglomerating (bridge –building) or toxic, the ECB dust collector is configured for perfection in dedusting. It can be configured to amend to containment up to OEB4 in pharmaceutical manufacture of API‘s and solid dosage forms. With constructive explosion protection the ECB dust collectors meet the ATEX criteria of all dust classes and hybrid mixtures as required from process hazard analysis.

Filtration Efficiency

Highest filtration efficiency with quantifiable minimal energy consumption for difficult dusts is delivered by the ECB dust collector. It combines all TRM Filter Know-How for demanding valuable material processes. It draws from made to task filter cartridges, a proprietary advanced cleaning mechanism and Rotatronic Control, smart filter control technology.

Tailored to Your Spatial Limitations

Minimal effective space is needed for the ECB dust collector. Its flexible space utilization made it the system of choice not only in retrofit and revamp projects, but wherever space comes under high cost and organizational constraints. A modular system concept with unified elements and a smart placement of filter system functional elements fit the ECB dust collector to almost any available space.

Explosion Safe

Safe processing of explosible or combustible dusts and hybrid mixtures up to Kst 500 bar*m/s is routinely enabled by means of constructive explosion protection. It is optimized and fine – tuned with the aid of several levels of filter housing strength, which are available even in stainless steel.


Health safety (HSE) is provided by a combination of containment and WIP provisions as required by the respective dusts to be filtered.

Perfection in dedusting your difficult dust in your demanding process and under the constraints of your premises within your tight project schedule is just a matter of communicating your requirements with us. Are you ready to engage in the process?

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