Explosion protection - intro slika

Explosion protection of dust collection systems

The explosion protection of dedusting filter systems is well described in VDI 2263 part 6 and part 6.1. It remains cumbersome for operating companies to define the need and measures to reduce risks to an acceptable residual level. To ensure adequately protected processes the entire process space for explosible dusts and hybrid mixtures needs to be analyzed. Protective measures need to be synchronized. But first of all, for all who are not frequently dealing with process hazard analysis, explosion protection certification of ATEX compliance describes the protection of the process space. It may not be confused with electrical and equipment certification for installation in zoned areas.


TRM Filter consults and advises on all level of explosion protection of dust collection systems and delivers certified equipment with clear and distinctive description of the protected risk level.

Understanding the Requirements

Explosion protection requirements as described in the process hazard analysis are defined by occurrence and duration of explosible media (process driven), explosion characteristics: kinetics Kst, maximal explosion pressure Pmax and minimal ignition energy (MIE) and effective ignition surce.

Proper Explosion Protection

Explosion protection means are driven by toxicity of the explosible dust and the possibility of releasing it to the atmosphere, release pathway feasibility depending on the process equipment's position within the premises.

Perfection in dedusting of explosible and combustible dusts and hybrid mixtures demands a coherent approach to the definition and implementation of explosion protection means. The definition and implementation process can be manageable for you. TRM Filter provides you with all information, directs you to all necessary documentation and delivers comprehensively certified dedusting systems. Are you ready to engage in the process?