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Complete Project Handling

TRM Filter provides project handling that covers all stages in regards the dedusting functionality. Our partnership offering to engineering contractors supports the design and optimization stages with all documentation and modelling to provide and demonstrate the comprehensive set of engineering propositions: technical solutions as well as important alternatives and the reasoning for selecting amongst these. In a little more detail...

Profound basic design

In project engineering the dedusting functionality TRM Filter optimizes service loads according to dust categories, pressure levels, economic piping length and unit type selection to fit the premise’s conditions.

Plug & Play detail design

We are planning the dedusting systems lay-out and define the dust collector configurations. We do 3D-CAD designs of systems's built. We provide piping system dimensioning and piping isometrics where needed.

Smart Procurement

TRM Filter provides the desired supply scope that fits to your contracting interests and helps you to reduce interfaces. As an example, we provide piping and the peripheral likes from matching quality and pricing or source as per your specification.

Hassle-free Installation

Where so desired, TRM Filter offers the installation of dedusting systems and peripherals from the supply package. More importantly, we support the electrical, monitoring+control and safety experts at the operating site during the installation process as requested by the general contractor.

Professional Commissioning

On-site support to general contractors’ FAT and operating customers’ SAT. Late stage installation support to electrical and monitoring+control integration. Documented training of operating company’s and engineering contractor’s staff.

Perfection in dedusting as part of an investment project is mostly about being on-time & on-cost. However, your repeat business as an engineering contractor comes from being on-spec: On-relevant-spec. Take no risks. Why don’t you engage with us?