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Economic containment configurations

Precise and reliable risk-based containment is readily available from TRM Filter's economic configurations for on target hygiene and operation. These configurations are available with our ECH Occupational Hygiene Dedusting Filters and our ECR Total Pharma Dedusters for process dust filtration. Beyond precise and reliable occupational hygiene, they are designed for optimal operational performance in continuous or semi-continuous operation. They allow for an airflow control in reflection of constraints within either process, dedusted OSD machinery or the ultimate hygienic and economic objective of minimal product to waste loss.

ECH Maximo

Maximo for very highly hazarduous and extremely hazarduous High-Potency APIs (HPAPIs) (OEB 5 & 6).

ECH Practico

Practico for hazarduous  APIs (OEB 3) and closed isolator ECHA strategy 4, ECH in cost-effective semi-continuous system.

ECH Optimo

Optimo for highly hazarduous APIs (OEB 4) in continuous dedusting process.

ECH Novento

Novento for preventative protection against estimated occupational hygienic hazards (ECHA strategy 3 with open isolators).

ECH Enduro

Enduro as an unprotected dedusting filter system equipped with provisions for a life long upgrade to a closed isolator.

Perfection in dedusting with containment systems is a matter of putting proven means to work without flaws on less frequent operating events such as cleaning and repair. Are you ready to investigate the appropriate options?