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Perfection in dedusting valuable material processes

Synthesis and processing, such as tableting, granulation, coating or powder filling of pharmaceutical ingredients, catalysts and specialty chemicals demand dust collection systems with predictable and steady operation. In conjunction with organizational measures they avoid cross-contamination and batch-to-batch carry over.
We rely on three unique capabilities to maximize dedusting performance in the filtration core process:

Proper Filter Media

Filter media are selected, probed and tested to ascertain surface filtration and minimal adherence of dust during filter cleaning, as well as minimal dust migration into the filter media.

High Performance Filter Cleaning

Filter cleaning with a unique cleaning mechanism for shorter and lower pressured cleaning of a wider surface of cartridges into the raw gas chamber. The cleaning is performed on only one filter element at a time, while the filtration through other elements is ongoing.

Smart Filter Cleaning Technology

Filter cleaning control with our proprietary self-learning Rotatronic control algorithm. Rotatronic learns and adjusts cleaning trigger points, intervals and cleaning duration by learning the evolution of differential pressure in your application.

Perfection in dedusting your valuable material process for maximal plant availability, zero down-time and total quality performance is just a matter of engaging in a system evaluation with us. Are you ready to engage in the process?