6sigma process dedusting

ROTATRONIC® Control, Smart Filter Cleaning Technology

Perfect filter cleaning for minimal energy cost and long filter cartridge life simply requires that a filter element is cleaned as often as necessary, as seldom as possible, as soon as the differential pressure increases beyond the best performance point and to an extent that prevents dust from migrating into the filter media. Managing these objectives in the cleaning step is a bit more difficult.

None of the optimal parameters of such a perfect filter cleaning operation are known in advance, moreover they are not stable overtime. TRM Filter has pioneered its ROTATRONIC® Control, Smart Filter Cleaning control system:

  • Pro-active filter cleaning, before the differential pressure has evolved beyond recovery from dust migration into the media
  • Just-in-time filter cleaning
  • Predictable filter life time by tracking the operating optimum and rest point after cleaning
  • Early Call to replace filter elements as their performance deterrence is foreseen
Perfection in dedusting with effective filter cleaning is simple for you. Just explore the benefits Rotatronic Control can bring to your filter operation. Are you ready to engage in the process?
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