• solutions 600X466 rotatronic

    Rotatronic Control

    Rotatronic Control, Smart Filter Cleaning Technology for minimal energy cost and long filter cartridge life cleans a filter element as often as necessary and as seldom as possible. Cleaning occurs as soon as the differential pressure increases beyond the best performance point. It prevents dust from migrating into the filter media. Filter life time becomes predictable, replacement is called for by the system.

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  • solutions 600X466 ACM

    Rotatronic Mechanics

    Advanced Cleaning Mechanism by rotating nozzles. Filter cleaning effectiveness for a long life of filter elements. It ensures stable and steady filter system performance. Mobilizes difficult dust from the filter surface and directs it towards dust collection. Rotatronic Mechanics achieves lowest energy cost and longest filter cartridge operating life.


  • DSC1445 ECH 518X700


    Occupational Hygiene Dedusting Filters

    Safe and reliable containment in OSD manufacture as well as powder handling with the ECH Occupational Hygiene Dedusting Filters is readily available to you. Systems are built in economic containment configurations that are designed in a staged response to the requirements for precise & reliable containment.

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  • DSC3458 ECR10 470x700


    Total Pharma Dust Collector

  • ECB 525X700 1


    Dust collector handles difficult dust and demanding requirements

  • ECS Product 700


    High vacuum dust collectors for central vacuum system


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