R & D


Darko Bregar

Project Manager, Filter Media Specialist

T: +386 1 527 22 19
M: +386 40 200 947
E: darko.bregar@trm-filter.com

Research and Development

Dedusting real air streams under real process conditions still requires performance elements that cannot be readily inferred from former practice. TRM Filter conducts hypothesis driven applied research and specification driven development of dedusting systems.

TRM Filter‘s hypothesis driven research serves to minimize residual technical risk of solution concepts down to a set of options, that bear no fundamental but only time, quality and cost risks. Research tools used are process modelling, computational fluid dynamics, parameter field analysis and many others.

TRM Filter’s specification driven development is chartered to deliver novel dedusting systems within the priority constraints of cost, quality and delivery time required by your application and business case. While the hand-over from research and into development is co-managed with the concept process leader, the development stage and realization process is managed by our Offer Process Manager Darko Bregar.

Perfection in dedusting of demanding process is a matter of truly understanding the solution portfolio, making educated decisions as well as swift and seamless dedusting process delivery. Are you ready to go with us?