Job opportunities

Job opportunities at TRM Filter

Your aspirations for your professional career may put the impact of your contributions on top of your decision criteria. You may stand out for your ability to effect results with your crystalline communication in speech and writing, your charismatic ability to solicit enthusiastic team contributions and a technical or commercial skill set to lever.

Perfection in dedusting is our playing field. Are you means and method to accomplish that challenge with us? If so, we would love to hear from you!

We are excited about your interest in TRM Filter. At this point we have not defined vacancies in job descriptions. However, we are constantly searching professional personality. 

If you aspire to pull the ropes of perfection in dedusting with us, we encourage to send your resume with references to Even if we cannot define a suitable role for you on the spot, we will learn from you with all our attention and careful consideration. We will keep application on our minds and respond to you.