Selected TRM Filter References

TRM Filter has delivered on numerous dedusting projects predominantly into pharmaceutical plants internationally. Herein we are providing examples of recent projects in the field.

High conatinement with WIP (wash-in-place) and DIP (dry-in-place) – ECH-10

Due to the client's request for high user protection, we implemented the TRM Filter-ECH-10 device, which, in addition to non-contact exchange (BiBo), also has a built-in protective chamber, glow-box, which additionally protects the user from contact with the active ingredient. Before changing the filter elements or the liner, the device is washed (WIP) and then dried (DIP). The dust removal itself is also carried out contactless.


An ECS High vacuum dust collectors for central vacuum system was delivered to KRKA in Slovenia. In the application several service points of vacuum dedusting were in a hygienic clean room of the OSD production were bundled into one common vacuum dust collection system, that was positioned outside of the hygienic area. In the context, the customer made use of our hygienic vacuum aspiration wall socket Cleanovac.


An ECB Dust collector for numerous different and unpredictable difficult dusts and the demanding requirements of custom manufacture operation was optimized to the spatial constraints of a revamp installation. It was delivered and commissioned at IPC Dresden.


A number of ECM All-in-One dust collectors were chosen and delivered for the dedusting of a set of electronic component containers. In this application compactness and a fitting rectangular container-like design went hand in hand. It anchored the dedusting service into the spatially constraint container environment with a look that belongs there. Ultimately the integrated system product is operated by ABB.

Perfection in dedusting yields different solutions to almost every new process condition and operating environment. TRM Filter has strong experience and a significant number of references. Please ask us for any specific experience of importance to you!