ECM - product photo
  • Air flow

    0 – 2.500 m3/h
  • Pressure

    -5 – +5 kPa
  • Ex Protection

    0 - 1 *
  • Containment

    1 – 3 OEB

* 1 - MIE>3 mJ / 2 - St1@MIE>3 mJ / 3 - St2@MIE<3 mJ / 4 - Hybrid mixtures

The ECM All-in-One dust collector is a highly compact deduster

It dedusts close to the point of dust occurrence in API solids processing as well as solid dosage form processing. It is amenable to varying patterns of spread out overall dedusting system lay-outs. It is available in stainless steel housing and other materials.


As a compact All-in-One dust collector the ECM provides the housing to integrate a primary and secondary filtration stage with a powerful fan.


Maximized efficiency in spread – out processes with several and potentially varying sources of dust occurrence are realized by configurable functionality of the ECM. It ultimately stems from disseminating either secondary filter and/or fan to centralized positions. The ECM dust collector can be upgraded through-out its life-time, with HEPA or AC secondary filters and fans.

Superior Suction Power

Industrial high performance of the ECM dust collectors is ensured by rating the fan flow to operating conditions. Hence, powerful fans with regulation are installed.

User Friendly

Ease of handling and maintenance stems from a compact and user friendly design, as with the mobile ECM 6 unit. All ECM dust collectors are equipped with automated filter cleaning.

Perfection in dedusting your spatially spread – out dust sources in your pharmaceuticals process with due consideration to the spatial and mains lay-out of your premises within your tight project schedule is just a matter of communicating your requirements with us. Are you ready to engage in the process?

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