Project for sustainable circular transformation

It has started!
TRM Filter successfully applied for the tender "Support to start-ups, micro, small and medium-sized companies in strategic, sustainable and circular transformation 2022-2025".
On Wednesday, 4th of October, we started the workshops with the assigned expert Mr. Senad Savič.

In September, we took part in the introductory workshop of the Academy for Strategic, Sustainable and Circular Transformation of Companies, which was organized by JA SPIRIT Slovenia and was held in Miklavž at Tabor. There we met the assigned expert, Mr. Suddenly Savič.
We were presented with a work plan and some experiences of companies that have already participated in such projects in the past.

Now we have started concrete work in our company.
The whole TRM Filter team gathered for the kick-off workshop. The expert, Mr. Nenad Savič introduced himself and lead us to the project we will be involved in for the next five months. 16 workshops are planned to tackle the increasingly topical sustainability and circular challenges.
After the presentation, Mr. Savić toured the company’s premises and surroundings, and then interviewed one part of the employees. He will meet with the rest next week. A working group will be formed to work more intensively on the project.