ECK - product photo
  • Air flow

    0 – 40.000 m3/h
  • Pressure

    -30 – +30 kPa
  • Ex Protection

    0 - 1 *
  • Containment

    1 – 5 OEB

* 1 - MIE>3 mJ / 2 - St1@MIE>3 mJ / 3 - St2@MIE<3 mJ / 4 - Hybrid mixtures

ECK HEPA grade passive filter system

Single stage secondary safety filter following the dust collector in critical applications. Also used as stand alone passive filtration of HEPA and ULPA grades usually in multiple stages.


Product characteristics:
  • High efficiency filtration with HEPA and ULPA filter elements. Available from dissipative media to conform ATEX requirements. Monitored by differential pressure gauge, switch or transmitter.
ECK - photo
  • Safe-guarded by measurements at test ports for integrity testing by DOP/DEHS.
  • Optionally built to advanced hygienic standards from various stainless steel grades including surface finishing (mirror polished). 
  • Adapted to containment requirements by fully welded construction and Bag-in/Bag-out contact free filter exchange in conjunction with WIP provisions (optional).
  • Customized versions for OEMs.
Perfection in dedusting extends from raw gas to pure air. Where you want to rely on the purification of last traces under diligent monitoring and in demanding and regulated environments, you may challenge us with your specification!

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